Our Purpose

Rabbi Marty & Psalmist DeVora are passionate followers of Y’shua (Jesus), the Messiah of Israel and the Hope of the Nations.  Together, they bring music and teaching of a Jewish perspective that educates and inspires Christians of all sorts to better love the Jewish people and the Jewish nation as they better understand the Jewish scriptures. And, they teach the entire Jewish Bible, from Genesis through Revelation, as Torah.  No, that’s not Law; the word actually means Instruction.  It is God’s loving instruction given to the people whom He chose as well as those who chose HIM.

Having ministered in every type of Christian expression, they are ready to come and serve your fellowship of any size, from a national conference to a small Bible study. We only require you to arrange for their transportation and a hotel; allow them to offer books, music and Israeli items, and to receive a love offering.

You can hear Rabbi Marty here.

Preview DeVora’s music here.

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Call Rabbi marty at 214-799-1836
or email him at rabbimarty@gmail.com

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